I am a Professor of Computer Science at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC. I am very fortunate that my academic journey got started also at Wake Forest in 1990, as a freshly arrived international student from Peru. After earning my B.S. and M.S. degrees, I continued on to Duke University for my Ph.D. degree.

As a Wake Forest faculty member, I embrace the teacher-scholar model, where our deep commitment to teaching and our research and scholarship activity inform one another. As Dr. Kenneth P. Ruscio put it in an AACU periodical, we “strive to discover students’ aptitudes and to nurture those students’ intellectual interests into passions that will shape their lives… The dash between teacher and scholar is meant to be a link, not a line of demarcation.”

Diversity and inclusion are topics that are also very close to my heart. I believe in the idea that a diverse and inclusive community lends itself to a richer environment for learning and innovation.

Finally, I am passionate about the application of knowledge and science towards the benefit of society and to the protection of the world we live in.